1/3Pcs Food Storage Containers with Easy Snap Lids

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Weight200.00 g
Length8.31 in
Width5.51 in
Height2.52 in

Food Storage Containers with Easy Snap Lids

✲Versatile, Stackable, and Leak-Proof

This series of silicone food container Food Storage Containers are designed to be leak-proof, so you can easily transport sauces, soups, and stews. They stack for easy organization, letting you store meats, veggies, fruit and more in the fridge without clutter.

✲Versatile Use

The containers are versatile to meet your everyday food storage needs. Come in handy for meal preps at home and bring it to work, school, gym, picnic, travel, and more.

stackable food containers with lids

【Reusable/Durable Feature】The container and the lid are made by food-grade PP and silicone rubber materials. Stackable in the freezer or lunch bag, easy to bring. Designed with friendly lids that stay securely on.

【Airtight, Leak-Proof and Spill-Proof】Storage containers come with removable silicone rings and 4 hinge locking systems that easily be closed by adding little pressure. The lids feature silicone rubber which adds to the snap-on lock system that further assists in keeping the food fresh. This all makes the set great for storing away leftover foods and other food items too.

【Microwave and Dishwasher Safe】Please open and remove the lid while you microwave the food. And please do not directly heat food that has a lot of oil or sugar. We recommend that you place the lid on the top of the dishwasher to clean it instead of other places.

【Keep Food Fresh】Great meal prep lunch box to keep your food fresh and meal preps easy. Great for portion-control, snack to-go,ideal for home, outdoor picnic, school etc.

【Messy Kitchen No More – Space Saving Food Containers for You】These food containers are easily stackable into kitchen cabinet or refrigerator. Nesting these containers in one another makes the kitchen environment look neatly packed.


Product Weight:






Product Size:

(L x W x H)

0.4L:14.2 × 10.6 × 5.4cm/5.59 × 4.17 × 2.13in  

1.1L:21.1 × 14.0 × 6.4cm/8.31 × 5.51 × 2.52in

1.4L:21.1 × 14.0 × 8.2cm/8.31 × 5.51 × 3.23in

2L:23.7 × 17.3 × 8.2cm/9.33 × 6.81 × 3.23in

4.2L:23.7 × 17.3 × 15.2cm/9.33 × 6.81 × 5.98in

Material: PP+HIPS



Food Storage Containers with Easy Snap Lids

Package Contents:   

1/3 Pcs * Folomie Food Storage Containers


- Rinse under water before use.

- Before microwaving the container(s), remove the lids.

- Allow the container(s) to cool down a few minutes after microwaving. Be sure to remove the container(s) by holding from both the ends.

- Make sure the lid is closed in order to get an airtight seal.

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  • By Granny

    2022-12-06 06:23:18
    I’ve purchased of this type of storage for kitchen leftovers.You can actually see what’s inside because of the clear plastic, and it stacks beautifully.
  • By Zoe

    2022-12-04 10:23:02
    The containers are really nice and durable.Nice!
  • By Jones

    2022-12-02 11:05:02
    For actually storing food, they did fine.
  • By Cathy

    2022-11-28 06:08:02
    I’m using for a all kinds of foods to store. They look good.
  • By Sandra

    2022-11-28 05:26:01
    The containers are made very well. May be perfect for kids snacks. accepts PayPal, Credit Card, Alipay, WeChat Pay, etc. as secure payment methods:


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