Extend Kitchen Sink Drain Basket

Extend Kitchen Sink Drain Basket

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To better use the kitchen space, every family must have one

Superior Quality: This shelf to dry dishes is made of stainless steel of high quality resistant food grade guarantees long durability. Anti -heard, antacid and alkali, improves the long -term work capacity of the product.

Multifunctional Use: The sink drainage shelf can drain dishes or rinse vegetables and fruits. It can contain several cups and dishes at the same time. After cleaning, vegetables and fruits can also be put at the top to drain the water, comfortable to use.

Product Size:

S:24.5-44*16.5*9.5cm /9.64-17.32*6.49*3.74in


Retractable Design:It can be extended from 9.64 inches long to 17.32 inches long.  With adjustable bars it adapts to expand for use at the counter, in the sink or on the sink. 

Using Stronger Stainless Steel Pipes
-thicker stainless steel pipes can support more weight. You can place more things.Using stronger stainless steel pipes-thicker stainless steel pipes can support more weight. You can place more things.

Estante de secado

Product Design: ABS non-slip keeps the shelf from falling into the sink, protecting the counter and wiper groove.

Method of Use: The small design often plays the most important role, on the side of the drain grid has a small rotating screw design. Squeeze the screw after adjusting the width, make sure that the scrubber dishes drying shelf is not stirred, it can be firmly placed in the sink. (Screws should be completely tightened for a maximum effect).

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