How do Facebook ads work?POST DATE Jun 10, 2022

In recent years, Facebook, the dominant global social networking site, has attracted more and more B2B companies. For them, in a

Published: 2022-01-06

In recent years, Facebook, the dominant global social networking site, has attracted more and more B2B companies. For them, in addition to Facebook's more than 2 billion monthly active users, strong AD targeting tools are also of great benefit to their brand growth.

However, how to effectively use Facebook advertising to improve product sales and ranking is a problem that every enterprise needs to pay attention to.


If you are new to this, there are three simple steps.

Step 1: Create an advertising account

First of all, choose an official agent recognized by Facebook and complete the account opening with the assistance of the agent; Or directly create an AD account link and submit an AD account application.

Step 2: Create an Ad

After you create an ad account, you can start advertising. Typically, ads are created and delivered

with the help of Facebook's official agency and Facebook's AD management tools.

Facebook's AD creation process allows you to develop unique marketing strategies tailored to your needs, reaching target audiences across the globe.

Step 3: Measure effectiveness and AD optimization

Anyone advertising on the Facebook platform can log into the AD Manager tool to view and analyze campaign performance, understand reach, user actions and audience details, and view ad performance across platforms and devices; It also provides segmented data for ad performance tracking based on ad objectives.


How to improve advertising effectiveness

Before that, let's learn a common term for Internet advertising: CTR (Click-Through-Rate).

The click-through rate is the ratio of the click frequency on an individual ad exposure(the number of times the ad is viewed). As an important indicator for marketers to analyze data, CTR can intuitively evaluate the effect of advertising.

As we all know, click-through rate is an important factor in driving conversions. If the click-through rate of the ad is too low, it means that the attractiveness of the ad is not up to standard, so it will not be able to attract visitors to the next conversion behavior.

The results of the study show that a good click-through rate for Facebook ads is between 2 and 5%. So how to effectively increase the click rate and make the advertisement play its due role?


  1. Pay attention to your audience

Facebook ads have a powerful database that helps us find the precise target audiences, including demographics, behaviors, and interests. And the ultimate purpose of advertising is to target advertising marketing to specific audience customers, so that they can make a purchase. Therefore, the scope of the target audience is very important.


  1. Retargeting ads

Data shows that retaining existing customers is less costly than attracting new ones. So it is important to capture existing customers and attract them back to the site to make a purchase.

The significance of retargeting advertising is to remarket customers, stimulate potential customers' desire to buy, and restore lost customers. This requires optimization of the website, which can be promoted in combination with Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences, so that it is easier to accurately find potential target audiences.

  1. Improve the quality of advertising images and copywriting

The picture of the ad is a direct way to attract customers, so the picture must clearly show the information of the product. You can choose to add attractive dynamic visual effects, such as videos and motion pictures. The copywriting needs to be concise and clear, and strive to catch the user's "pain point" to display the value of the product, so as to resonate with customers.

  1. A/B testing

This is the split comparison test we often refer to. This test can help advertisers understand the impact of various advertising elements on marketing performance, quickly test the marketing effect, and continuously improve the advertising to obtain more click-through rates. Facebook advertising is not just about A/B testing, it also requires different testing of copywriting, audience, conversion goals, and layout.


For B2B businesses going overseas, Facebook ads offer a great opportunity to get your brand noticed.

However, the competition in this field is very fierce. If you want to get ahead, you must take the time to thoroughly understand the characteristics of the platform and adjust the advertising strategy accordingly. You will always be one step ahead!

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